Do you need Domestic material and Certifications?

All of our steel bolts are made in the USA from Domestic material. We have chemical and physical certs for all of our grade A36, grade 55 and 105. We will let you know if certs are not available for any item. It is always best to ask for certs with the original order. We can certify any stainless bolt we make but some of our stainless is imported. We can use domestic if requested. We charge 25.00 for certs ordered with the parts and 50.00 if they are requested at a later date.

Most of our nuts and washers are imports. Some customers require domestic bolts but can live with imported hardware because some domestic items are becoming hard to get. We can get domestic in a day or two if you request them and we do stock some domestic nuts and washers. Sadly there are some items we can’t get in the USA anymore at all. We are a manufacturer so we can produce almost any hardware in house with enough time and money. Some customers don’t care if it is domestic but they need certs for everything. Domestic will normally be a little more expensive. We can provide full certs on domestic hardware if requested but we can only provide a Certificate of compliance on imported hardware.

If you are working on a highway project, railroad, government or military building, power plant you will probably need certifications and you may need domestic.

15th Sep 2014 Jesse T. Alexander

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